Harry Tincknell swaps grid for oche in the off-season

Harry-Tincknell-Enters-Southern-Counties-Darts-OpenHarry Tincknell will enter the Southern Counties Darts Open at the George Albert Hotel near Dorchester, Dorset, being held over the weekend of 16/17 February 2013.

The annual Open tournament attracts a broad range of players – from professionals to pub players and everything in between. Previous winners include the highly-regarded Justin Pipe who plays on the professional circuit and recently competed at the 2013 world championships.

With a big year in racing ahead, Harry Tincknell is testing new ways to gain the competitive advantage he’ll need to find in the car. Already a keen darts player, it was nevertheless Harry’s sports psychologist, Don Macpherson, who suggested Harry enter the Open – simply because darts is such as a precision sport where you have so many different variables. In motor racing’s case variables include: each track, lap, turn, condition, time etc, so it is very hard to be consistently exceptional.

Harry Tincknell explains further:

Harry-Tincknell-Portrait“My sports psychologist, Don, ranks the top mental sports as being golf, darts and motorsport. All three demand extreme levels of concentration. But in golf and darts you have more time to talk yourself out of it which is why they are slightly higher than motorsports, although you’re unlikely to injure yourself in the first 2!”

“Entering the Southern Counties Darts Open is about pushing to the next level, getting out of my comfort zone. The pressure is the same in darts as in motor racing – pushing for more, be it every twist and turn or throw. It’s also about keeping your concentration throughout and staying mentally tough, particularly when the pressure shots will be on in the Open.”

So, whilst Harry Tincknell isn’t in the car due to the off-season, he is using precious time to get mentally prepared for the gruelling season ahead when the pressure will be back on the track.

You can catch Harry Tincknell on the oche at the Southern Counties Open on Sunday 17 February 2013 at the George Albert Hotel, Wardon Hill, Evershot, Nr Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 9PW. The first stage is a round-robin format starting at 11am.

You can find all details about the Open tournament on the official website at www.sthcountiesdarts.co.uk

Harry Tincknell racing profile – a short film by Tizafilm

Earlier this week we were reminded of this great short film about Harry Tincknell by our friends at Tizafilm. The film is one in a series of profiles presenting young and up and coming racing drivers.

According to Tizfil: “The fast-paced shorts are designed to show off talent to potential sponsors, race teams and car manufacturers and to help the drivers perform in front of the camera.”

Watch the short film here: